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New Roof Installation

Of all the projects a business owner takes on, a new commercial roof construction can be the most intimidating. For one, it means roofing construction taking place on the building property lasting more than a day. It can create a logistical and safety issue for business customers and staff. Whenever you’re dealing with load-bearing structures and engineered commercial roof systems, it’s best to work with only the most-qualified professionals you can find – like those at Commercial Roofing Tech.

The first day of your roof installation, you can expect our commercial roofing technicians to remove the old roof and discard in large dumpsters. There can be quite a bit of noise while the old roof is removed. We ask that you notify your customers, staff, and neighboring businesses of the construction. Once the old roof is removed, we do an in-depth inspection before installing the new commercial roof just to make sure that we addressed all issues.

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