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Commercial Metal Roof Restoration by Commercial Roofing Tech

Published: May 18, 2021

Metal roofs offer many benefits from a cost perspective to the building owner during construction and over time. Still, an aging metal roof can start to cost you in repairs from water damage. After a few years, your metal roof's savings turns into a costly repair bill every year until you completely resolve the problems with your aging metal roof.

We offer a low-cost solution, and it's called Metal Roof Restoration. Essentially this is just metal roof seam repair and layers of added protection over the existing metal roof. However, seams are where the leaks typically happen. If your roof panels are just a little rusty, we can help fix the leaks and stop the rust from corroding your metal roof panels.

The main issue is that water sits on the seams, and when the ice and snow come, it backs up, and the metal roof starts to leak. We help to seal around pipes, HVAC units, seams, and all places where water gets in. 

We find that many buildings have been patched with temporary repairs using caulk and tar in our commercial roof inspections. These are quick fixes and don't stop the real problem. With our metal roofing repair and systems, we cover entirely all places where water can get in.

During the metal roof restoration process, we do the following: 

  • Pressure wash all surfaces
  • Clean and repair the entire roof
  • Remove the existing rust
  • Primer the roof to stop any future rust also to prepare the surface for the final topcoat
  • We take care to seal all seams, penetrations, and fasteners
  • Seams are sealed with an industrial-grade seam caulk. All seams are completely sealed.
  • The final topcoat is applied. 

You get three layers of protection—a low-cost alternative to the cost of replacing a whole new roof. We are the Leaky metal roof experts in Metal Roof Restoration in Nebraska. Give us a call today to schedule your metal roof inspection.

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